• Naturally Curly Hair Salon
    The Curl Ambassadors Curly Hair Salon
    The Curl Ambassadors The Curl Ambassadors
    *Valid for Curly-Doo™ & Dry-Cut Curly™
    *Valid 2 weeks after service in person

    Naturally Curly Hair Salon

    Toronto & Vaughan

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  • Curly Hair saloon

    The Curly-Doo TM

    discountWash. Condition. Style Curly.

    *Valid 2 weeks after service in person
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    Dry-Cut Curly TM

    Redefine limp locks into pretty cascading curls with our savvy dry-cut curly!


    *Valid 2 weeks after service in person
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    Curly-Colour or Curly Lites TM

    Our experienced hair dressers will select
    the perfect colour & style for your look:)

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    Hair Salon For Men With Curly Hair

    Our stylists are highly experienced cutting male & female curly hair. Get the hair style you’r curly hair deserves!

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    *Valid 2 weeks after service in person
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    making beauty sustainable

    We recycle & repurpose hair, foils, colour-tubes, papers and plastics AND divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain.

    *Valid for Curly-Doo™ & Dry-Cut Curly™
    *Valid 2 weeks after service in person
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    naturally curly hair models

    Curly Hair Models Needed !

    We Are Looking For
    Naturally Curly Hair Models

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The Curl Ambassadors Hair Salon In The Press

The Curl Ambassadors has been featured in prestigious magazines and journals across Canada including the Canadian Hairdresser Magazine. Our curly hair salon is unique and offers something no other hair salon offers - professional solutions for your naturally curly hair.

Niche Salons

Specialty hair salons are growing in popularity all over the country

For men and women who find that regular salons have difficulties dealing with their specific request, they can now turn to specialty salons. New and unique salons are popping all over Canada specializing in one or two services. Check out some quirky specialty salons that have some unique services.

Curl Ambassadors Curly Hair Salon

The Curl Ambassadors
Where: Toronto, Vaughan
Specialty: Curly hair

Men and women who struggle to maintain their curly locks can now turn to The Curl Ambassadors to help them find a solution. Betty Di Salvo and Caroline Muir started the salon after constant conversations with friends and family about how to deal with their unique hair. "We realized it was time to provide the 'specialty', of catering to naturally curly hair." says Muir who has just opened up a brand new location in Vaughan.

1(855) 9CURL-ME



1(855) 9CURL-ME


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What Our Curly Customers Say

  • Hi Care, I have to tell you that I LOVE your salon… We had a great experience and your girls are amazing at what they do! They are friendly, charming and really know their stuff! Angela was incredible-and Jay LOVES her hair…both you and Betty have plenty to be proud of!

    Hi Care
  • Susan had called stating that she absolutely loved her hair, her husband loves it. Also she styled her hair this morning and the wind never interrupted it. She said she will definitely be back and now she is an ambassador for her curls!!!

    Susan had called stating
  • To everyone who helped entangle and revive my son’s hair on Thursday evening:

    A huge Thank you again, from a very happy kid and a very happy mum. He is thrilled with his hair, and hasn’t stopped admiring it. The strong silent guy was just an act – he was bubbling over all the way home, thanking me for taking him for proper cut, saying how nice you all were, how great his hair looked and felt – and looking forward to all the attention he’ll get from the older girls at his summer camp.

    When we discovered that I’d left his bag of hair products on the streetcar, he practically had an end of the world melt-down. I’ve promised to rush over there right away to buy what he needs to keep his hair healthy. I’m still awestruck at your incredible patience, and can’t thank you enough for staying so late to deal with this mess, and not just shaving it all off. Amazing!

    To everyone who helped
  • Hi Betty

    Thank you so much for getting all that to us. The products have been great so far and have made a big difference in her hair!

    The Curly-Do sounds excellent. What a great service. Sign me up. I will call to make an appointment soon. Thanks for all your help.

    Hi Betty
  • My daughter loves her new hair, and were learning the maintenance together. Our morning routine has improved greatly and she doesn’t mind me doing her hair in the morning, whereas prior was a such different story.

    Thank you so much for the products and The education, I’m finally able to maintain her hair. Everyone made us feel very welcome and we will definitely be returning!

    My daughter loves her new hair
  • Curl Ambassadors “As seen in NaturallyCurly.com – refer a Salon”

    “I had the best hair cut color and product recommendations I have ever received. At the end she also gave me a fabulous ready to go out, ‘curly do’ AT curl ambassadors they have a variety of hair products for various hair types. The color used made my curls bouncy and shiny and did not dry my hair out. The mixed chicks products she used in my hair were GREAT! My hair was frizz free and not stiff or crunchy just bouncy shiny healthy ringlets. As a bonus while I was waiting to get my color processed the staff came by with freshly baked cake and tea. The staff makes you feel at home. The best part was everything done to my hair she walked me through the process so I can create the same, “Curly Do” at home. And the follow-up call a couple weeks later to ask how I liked my hair and if I had any questions. CURL AMBASSADORS IS THE BEST CURLY HAIR SALON WITH THE BEST HAIR STYLIST IN TORONTO!!!!!”

    Curl Ambassadors
  • I got the best haircut of my life! The appointment was very thorough – I was there for 2.5 hours. She was open to my preferences, walked me through the process, and gave plenty of product and styling tips. She was also knowledgeable about the Curly Girl routine so I didn’t need to explain the no shampoo thing. I didn’t have my glasses on during the cut/styling and when I put them back on I couldn’t believe my eyes! There were curls I had never seen before!

    I got the best haircut of my life
  • “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar”

    Folks, who walk by our Shoppe, look into it our window to us and point to their curly hair.

    Like they are reaching out to us to recognize that they too have curly hair and proud of it!!

    Once I used this gel product that made my hair poof! I called it my Donna Summer hair!!!

    I loved your sign in the window! It was like this big pink thing —

    The routine written out is a great reference tool for us and a fabulous idea.

    Thank you so much for the products and the education, I’m finally able to maintain her hair. Everyone made us feel very welcome and we will definitely be returning!

    I just wanted to send a note to say that the products that I picked up after my ‘curly do’ are working out really well. Better than I expected, actually. I find my hair sets curlier when I allow it to air dry, so it is easy enough to style. And I am getting a lot of compliments too, which is nice. So thanks again!

    24 years of living with curls in Toronto and I am only hearing about you now?! Thanks a million.

    One can never consent